Sherman Oaks Little League

2018 Age Chart

Fall Ball 2018 is treated as an intro to the Spring season,
therefore your child's league age for Fall Ball
will be based on the 2019 LL age chart.


In the summer of 2015, Little League International changed the age cutoff date that determines a child's "League Age" for all players born after 8/31/2005. Your child's League Age is the age he/she will be on August 31. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for the official Little League Age Chart.

Click here for the official Little Leage Age Calculator.

Still not Sure?
With two age cutoff changes in two years, this has created a lot of confusion, so below is an attempt to clear it up as concisely as possible. In terms of how this age cutoff affects your child's League Age (if at all), kids will fall into one of three groups:

OLDER KIDS (born in 2005 or Before):
The new age cutoff does not affect your child. April 30th will continue to be the League Age cutoff for the duration of his/her Little League career.

YOUNGER KIDS (born in 2006 or Later with JAN - AUG BIRTHDAYS)
Though the new age cutoff applies to your child, it will not effectively change their League Age. For example, if they played as a 6-yr-old last spring, they will play as a 7-yr-old this spring.

YOUNGER KIDS (born in 2006 or Later with SEP - DEC BIRTHDAYS)
The new age cutoff affects these kids the most. They will essentially repeat the same year they played last spring season. This is not a bad thing! Last season, kids in this birthday window lost a year of baseball. Not only do they get it back this year, but they are now the oldest kids in their age group.