Sherman Oaks Little League


WE PROVIDE: Cap, Jersey, Socks

REQUIRED THAT YOU PROVIDE: Rubber cleats, Baseball pants, Glove, Batting helmet (face cage may be required; see below), Athletic cup (boys)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Equipment bag, Bat


Little League requires that a bat be no more than 33" in length and no more than 2 1/4" in diameter (no "big barrels"). All non-wood bats must have the words "BPF 1.15" stamped on them.

Getting the right size bat will have a direct impact on your child's skills development and enjoyment of the game. We highly recommend NOT buying a bat that is too big, with the assumption that he/she will "grow into it."

For the Length, a good rule of thumb is to take your chld's age and add 20 to it (see chart). If your child is small for his/her age and/or less experienced, consider going down one inch. If your child is big for his/her age and/or more experienced, consider going up one inch.

For the Weight, most players use a "Drop 11" or "Drop 12." This means that the number of ounces the bat weighs is 11 or 12 less than the number of inches the bat is long. So a 28" bat that weighs 16 oz. is considered a "Drop 12." A lighter bat will allow your child to swing the bat faster, while a heavier bat will provide more power.


Some divisions require a face cage on the helmet, while others do not. Below is a breakdown by division that lays out the requirements.

Tee Ball and Farm - Face cage highly recommended
A, AA, and AAA - Face cage required
Minors and Majors - Face cage optional