Sherman Oaks Little League



There are different positions you may choose from to directly help the league or to help your child's team. Volunteer roles include:

  • Team Manager (Head Coach)
  • Coach (Asst.)
  • Team Parent
  • Field Maintenance
  • Scorekeeper
  • Fundraising
  • Opening/Closing day (Spring Season only)
  • Picture day (Spring Season only)

SOLL and the kids thank you in advance for your generous donation of time and participation as a league Volunteer.

If you're going to be helping with the kids (Manager, Coach, Team Parent, etc.), you MUST complete our "online" enrollment and the forms below. For the protection and safety of our players, Little League requires all board members, managers, coaches, and other volunteers or hired workers who provide regular service to the league or/and who have repetitive access to or contact with players or teams annually fill out the Little League Volunteer Application and provide a government-issued photo ID. Additionally, the league is required to conduct a background check on each of these individuals. SOLL is required to sign an agreement on the charter application that it will comply with Regulations I(b) and I(c) 8 & 9.A background check is made on every volunteer. See ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Volunteer Registration

  1. During registration indicate you would like to volunteer or manage. You may also email Briank Fink at or Azzie Mackenzie at

  2. Complete these forms (NOTE: your forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED unless you have completed Step 1)

  3. Provide the forms AND a copy of your Driver's License to SOLL.